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The Portland Wheel Company The Tabor's 54mm

$29.95 Best price

54mm cruiser wheel with a 78a durometer.

The Portland Wheel Company 54mm The Standards

$29.95 Best price

The "Standard" is the first wheel created by The Portland Wheel Company.

Jivaro 55.5mm Stunt Fetus

$29.95 Best price

Throw a rock and hot one in every town, the Stunt Fetus is an unstoppable force in today's landscape. be a part of the problem and let it snake you, or be the solution and capsize that pint-shaped ship. A useful tool for invoking powers beyond human understanding or control. Bred to kill, not to care.

Jivaro El Salvaje 53mm

$29.99 Best price

53mm side cut, 101a.

Jivaro 52mm Darts

$29.95 Best price

The 52mm Darts are easy-to-use and give a hightened sense of sophistication and hedonism simultaneously when used and directed. Darts suite any travel, sesh or hazing ritual. Welcome to flavor country.

  • 1-15 of 15 Results